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  • The largest Alaska pollock quota holder is looking for investors. Who's buying?

    It's been an open secret that part of Seattle-based Alaska pollock harvester American Seafoods is, and has been, "for sale." Any private equity-owned...Alaska pollock with a roughly 17.3 percent direct fishing share, has one of the quirkier histories in the seafood sector. Founded as Norway Seafoods by...(CDQ) groups Coastal Villages Region Fund and the Central Bering Sea Fishermen’s Association to acquire the American Seafoods companies in 2000. (READ

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    Alaska pollock fishery opens strong despite shutdown

    Alaska's Pacific cod and pollock fisheries have skated through the worst of the longest government shutdown in US history, despite regulators at the...fisheries. Paine said it was a very normal January opener for both onshore and offshore sectors for Alaska pollock, despite some rough weather. Jim Gilmore, a spokesman with Alaska pollock catcher-processor trade group At-Sea Processors Association (APA), echoed Paine, and told IntraFish things were "all

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    Alaska pollock marketing group reorganizes, commits millions to new promotional efforts

    community development quota (CDQ) groups; the organization now includes harvesters and processors in all sectors of the Alaska pollock industry. More US...-ops, the Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers (GAPP) association said Thursday it has reorganized and committed $10 million (€8.6 million) for new marketing initiatives. "The reorganization includes expansion of the GAPP membership to all those involved in the fishing and primary processing of wild Alaska pollock

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    Report questions fisheries allocations in Alaska CDQ program

    Development Quota (CDQ) groups. Coastal Villages Region Fund commissioned the report, which concludes the fisheries allocations in the CDQ program prevent...remote villages in Alaska where fishing is largely the only source of jobs, reports the Alaska Journal of Commerce. Coastal Villages is the CDQ group for...35 percent of the population meant to benefit from the program, yet has access to just 24 percent of the pollock, about 18 percent of the crab and 17

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    Alaska pollock landings continue its low streak in week 15

    Landings were even lower in week 15 of the Alaska pollock 'A' season and were 71 percent less than what they harvested in week 14.Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands (BSAI) fishermen landed 1,580 metric tons of Alaska pollock in the week ended April 29, bringing the cumulative total to 579,430 metric tons, 43.08 percent of the 1.345 million-metric-ton quota.Most came from the pollock CDQ fleet, which landed 1,448 metric tons week. The AFA catcher

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    Pacific cod market pressured by smaller sizes

    , according to Ron Steckler, director of sales marketing for International Seafoods of Alaska.Steckler said the recently-ended pollock season yielded undersized...Alaska cod harvest by all gear types, excluding CDQ harvest, totaled 234,000 metric tons in the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands, reported Alaska cod

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    Maruha Nichiro execs head to Alaska to meet with CVRF

    of Alaska’s largest seafood companies and is a Community Development Quota (CDQ) company that creates economic development opportunities for residents of 20 western Alaskan villages.“Maruha Nichiro executives ... are an important partner in our Bering Sea pollock business,” said Darren Cleveland

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    American Seafoods is shrinking

    Bodal and two Alaska community development (CDQ) groups, Coastal Villages Region Fund and Central Bering Sea Fishermen’s Association.Back in 2001...decade, American has signed marketing deals with Disney, purchased and sold Southern Pride catfish, shed investors Centre Partners and its CDQ partners...into its core business -- the Alaska groundfish harvesting sector, where it controls a major share of the lucrative pollock quota.American is one of the

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    The rise of Alaska's CDQ groups

    harvest 10 percent of the Bering Sea resources, including pollock crab and halibut, allocated to them under federal law. In 2010 alone, the six CDQ entities...Alaska’s CDQ program is undergoing its first major review, and although it is unlikely right now to result in changes to how the six CDQ groups share...arrangement.Under the re-authorization of the Magnuson Stevens act in 2006 a program was set in motion calling for a decennial review of the CDQ program. The

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    Alaska CDQ group expands its crab investment with quota purchase

    fishes NSEDC’s CDQ pollock allocation....the future."According to the NSEDC website, the formation of BSAI Partners LLC in 2011 brought NSEDC into a partnership with fellow CDQ group Coastal Villages Region Fund (CVRF) through their respective subsidiaries, Siu and Coastal Villages Pollock. BSAI acquired seven pollock vessels and the fishing

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