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Today’s freezing tech is fish’s future

Astute seafood companies are finding much greater alignment with consumer expectations and leveraging the most value through frozen offerings
Published  14 June 2021 10:06 GMT
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RAS tech: The key to aquaculture growth in Peru?

Top consulting firm explains how efforts to expand adoption of recirculating aquaculture systems are poised to drive the next wave of growth in the Amazon basin.
Published  14 April 2021 8:54 GMT
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Fish packing perfected with robotics

Marel’s RoboBatcher series is the world’s leading intelligent robotic solution for fish packing, improving food safety, minimizing giveaway and eliminating human error.
Published  17 March 2021 9:36 GMT
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Wall-to-wall solutions from a single source

Intelligent, efficient, and sustainable salmon processing in all phases, from the handling of live and raw protein materials to the finished food product
Published  9 December 2020 15:30 GMT