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Alltech, innovators in gut health, proud of today's robust fish

Industry pioneer John Sweetman reflects on his role in shaping the Mediterranean marine aquaculture industry, and the research and industrial partnerships that are necessary for meaningful change.
Published  15 December 2021 21:51 GMT
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The top-rated seabass & bream of 2021

High quality and exquisite taste. The Greek fish farm that received two superior taste awards for its seabass and seabream at the International Taste Institute. What makes it so special?
Published  20 October 2021 16:10 GMT
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Scales that stand the test of time

Marel delivers superior weighing equipment for the fish industry that withstands the harshest environments and endures decades of daily use without compromising weighing accuracy.
Published  24 September 2021 23:52 GMT
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Alltech Coppens opens new research facility

New renovations to state-of-the-art innovation facility give rise to a new generation of aquaculture research
Published  14 September 2021 14:49 GMT
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KM enters new fishing market with its new Simrad SY50 sonar

For the first time, KM Simrad is entering the lower end fishing market - a market consisting of a far greater number of vessels than the markets the company usually operates in. This market is typically 80% retrofit and 20% new builds.
Published  6 September 2021 7:50 GMT
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Today’s freezing tech is fish’s future

Astute seafood companies are finding much greater alignment with consumer expectations and leveraging the most value through frozen offerings
Published  14 June 2021 10:06 GMT
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RAS tech: The key to aquaculture growth in Peru?

Top consulting firm explains how efforts to expand adoption of recirculating aquaculture systems are poised to drive the next wave of growth in the Amazon basin.
Published  14 April 2021 8:54 GMT
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Fish packing perfected with robotics

Marel’s RoboBatcher series is the world’s leading intelligent robotic solution for fish packing, improving food safety, minimizing giveaway and eliminating human error.
Published  17 March 2021 9:36 GMT