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Machine maintenance: The secret to quality

In this Salmon Session, learn more about how well-maintained machinery impacts product quality and what Baader is doing to support their customers
Published  24 November 2020 10:54 GMT

Your Red meat just got Pink

BioMar counters negative sustainability narrative with a marketing initiative designed to persuade consumers to do their part to combat climate change and build a healthier planet—one bite at a time.
Published  20 November 2020 11:31 GMT
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Atunlo launches new tuna products for the retail market

In a Q&A, COO Alberto Gros evaluates the market in this atypical year; unveils new range of innovative tuna products aimed at Europe retailers in the frozen category.
Published  29 October 2020 19:41 GMT
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Bringing infotainment to the seafood industry

Baader kick-starts Salmon Sessions: A lively, informative, and entertaining TV-style series featuring live demonstrations, market commentary and more.
Published  6 October 2020 5:14 GMT
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Demand for canned ‘carbon-neutral’ tuna on the rise

USD 25M investment in state-of-the-art Maldives cannery leaves Ensis Fisheries well placed to capitalize on growing demand for sustainable pole-and-line tuna among eco-conscious US and EU consumers.
Published  31 August 2020 13:40 GMT
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Valka transforms fish production with new IQF graders

The high-tech Icelandic company reveals two new graders for batching and automatic packing of individually quick-frozen products that offer a number of innovative new features designed to drive productivity and eliminate waste.
Published  19 June 2020 16:10 GMT
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Serving fish processors in a new era

From online demos to virtual service tools, Marel has accelerated some of its hi-tech initiatives to meet the needs of the fish processing industry during the global COVID-19 lockdown.
Published  8 June 2020 3:32 GMT
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The new standard in fish hygiene

Bakkafrost and Leroy among top salmon and whitefish producers that are leveraging breakthroughs in cleaning and de-scaling technology to produce great-looking, clean fish for high-end markets.
Published  6 May 2020 18:00 GMT
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Marel launches virtual expo for fish processing tech

With the Seafood Processing Global exhibition in Brussels postponed, the company will leverage its online platform—Marel Live—to meet decision-makers in April.
Published  8 April 2020 6:42 GMT
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CJ Selecta charts next phase of sustainable soy crusade

Producer of soy protein for salmon feed answers call for improved traceability and transparency with a series of new sustainability measures, including pledge to end use of soybeans from the Amazon.
Published  2 April 2020 17:07 GMT
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New technology is transforming shrimp processing

An innovation in the shrimp peeling arena promises to help producers reduce water consumption and costs while improving yield and end-product quality.
Published  26 March 2020 15:33 GMT

Driving business in an era of cancelled conferences

Conferences around the world have been disrupted by the coronavirus. Find out how content marketing can help you drive the business you hoped to get at trade shows and other events in 2020.
Published  17 March 2020 4:12 GMT
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How smart is your fish factory?

Check your factory’s technological pulse and speed up the transformation to smarter seafood processing in under five minutes with a free self-assessment tool that provides practical insight and actionable tips.
Published  24 February 2020 15:37 GMT
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Using video to effectively market to the seafood sector

Learn how the seafood industry's top marketers are leveraging visual stories to engage, educate and entertain customers—and drive sales.
Published  7 February 2020 19:16 GMT