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Effects of oxidative stress on salmon productivity

The nutritional benefits and distinctive flavor of salmon make it an increasingly cherished product worldwide. However, the nutritional value and quality of each fillet face a hidden threat: oxidative stress.
Published  16 December 2023 2:16 GMT
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Optimising diet to improve salmon quality & farm profitability

Fish farmers looking to increase harvest quality and improve feed performance have a new, data-backed way to accelerate profitability: optimising eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) levels in salmon feed.
Published  24 November 2023 3:53 GMT
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Thai Union pledge USD 200 million to SeaChange 2030

Thai Union's unwavering commitment to ocean sustainability continues as it sets out its new goals with SeaChange 2030, including a large financial pledge.
Published  24 August 2023 13:58 GMT
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A-BIOMASS: the weight is over!

Take the guesswork out of harvest predictions with real-time, millimetre accuracy for fish biomass estimation.
Published  21 August 2023 14:11 GMT
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FALCON Biomass: the power of insight

Improving fish farming operations with real-time biomass estimation technology that provides key information about average weight, distribution, and growth trends.
Published  16 August 2023 13:13 GMT
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VIDEO: All eyes on DSM as SalmoFan goes digital

Director Nutrition & Health Solution Aqua Global at G.O. Johnsen AS sheds fresh light on SalmoFan’s digital debut and the changing language of color for salmon fillets.
Published  2 May 2023 18:29 GMT
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What’s important when AKVA group designs feed barges?

AKVA group has been designing feed barges for many years and is a leading player in the industry. So, what does it take to succeed, and what are farmers concerned with today?
Published  13 April 2023 8:39 GMT
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Thai Union calls for restoration of endangered species

Thai Union, one of the world’s leading seafood producers, has announced its commitment to only source from vessels that are implementing best practices to protect ocean wildlife from bycatch.
Published  7 April 2023 3:25 GMT
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Tanks take center stage as land-based aquaculture surges

VIDEO: Balmoral Tanks sheds fresh light on RAS and the rise of land-based fish farming; shares candid advice about choosing the right equipment and boosting productivity.
Published  17 February 2023 5:50 GMT