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  • Land-based tuna farming in Norway? This company thinks it's time

    Fortuna Mare, a project that counted some marquee investors including American Seafoods' Bernt Bodal, was shuttered two years ago, but from the ashes of that project comes Nortuna, a new land-based bluefin farming venture that plans on producing fish in Norway as early as next year with the backing of some major private and government support, Managing Director Jan Helge Dahl told IntraFish sister publication TekFisk. A different story The

    Aquaculture  intrafish.com 19 Apr 2018


    September's Most Read: Organic salmon scandal, Thailand's tilapia surprise, India's shrimp woes

    : 'Never had a pollock item like this' --- 13. Thai Union strikes deal with DOJ to avoid criminal charges --- 14. Bodal-backed tuna farmer closes down

    NEWS  intrafish.com 03 Oct 2017

    Norwegian-backed tuna farmer closes down after partner fallout

    Bluefin tuna farming venture Fortuna Mare, the company founded by former Codfarmers’ CEO Harald Dahl, his brother Jan-Helge Dahl and backed by former American Seafoods CEO Bernt Bodal, has ceased operations following a dispute with its partners. Harald Dahl told IntraFish the company was forced to “put everything on hold," and whether operations would ever resume, remains to be seen. “We had some problems with our Spanish partners, so we are

    Aquaculture  intrafish.com 06 Sep 2017

    From Aker to Akva, this executive just can't quit seafood

    ’s impressive, and commands great respect.”Some seafood colleagues garner his respect for other reasons: American Seafoods Chairman Bernt Bodal, for example

    Aquaculture  intrafish.com 25 Apr 2017

    Meet the new CEO of American Seafoods

    market and sell food products.On Wednesday, Durham was named the new CEO of the US whitefish giant, succeeding Bernt Bodal, the company's long-time CEO...that Bodal said has now significantly reduced its debt, is a leader in the the pollock market and offers a product that is a superior protein by any...machine that can repeat itself and surprise the customers with great products."The financial restructuring of the company, Bodal said, has significantly

    NEWS  intrafish.com 13 Jan 2017

    'We didn't want an industry insider'

    American Seafoods names new CEO

    American Seafoods CEO Bernt Bodal on Thursday told IntraFish he will be stepping down from his executive role, to be replaced by longtime food industry executive Mikel Durham.Bodal, who has held executive leadership roles at the group since 1991 and the CEO position since the 2000 buyout of American..., a part owner of American, told IntraFish. Ownership of the firm will not be affected by Bodal's exit, he said.Durham comes to American with extensive

    Breaking News  intrafish.com 12 Jan 2017

    Outlook 2016: Sealord CEO Steve Yung

    did executives predict?Outlook 2016: American Seafoods CEO Bernt Bodal

    Fisheries  intrafish.com 23 Dec 2015

    Outlook 2016: SalmonChile President Felipe Sandoval

    Outlook 2016: American Seafoods CEO Bernt Bodal

    Aquaculture  intrafish.com 16 Dec 2015

    Outlook 2016: American Seafoods CEO Bernt Bodal

    American Seafoods Chairman and CEO Bernt Bodal has had lots to deal with over the last several years. But his company has emerged with a fresh recapitalization backed by heavyweight investors, including Pacific Seafood, Bumble Bee CEO Chris Lischewski and former Icicle Seafoods CEO Amy Humphreys, who joined private equity group Bregal to restore financial health to the company.What were the three most significant developments for your business in 2015?The most

    Finance  intrafish.com 14 Dec 2015

    American Seafoods recognized as ‘anchor partner’ by SNP

    Bodal, CEO of American Seafoods Group.

    NEWS  intrafish.com 01 Oct 2015