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  • Lawsuit threatens Mowi Canada's salmon expansion

    in the absence of land-based infrastructure,” the lawyer said. In the longer term, curbing irresponsible fish farm development could help wild

    Aquaculture  intrafish.com 23 Apr 21:37 GMT


    IntraFish Podcast: Salmon farming's $1 billion problem

    news #28: The biggest seafood stories of 2018! #27: Mowi Wowie! Does seafood finally have a global brand? #26: What's next for fish feed? #25: Land-based salmon farming extravaganza #24: Japanese CEOs, US retail brands, Chilean salmon M&A #23: Cargill's Montana dream; touring Marine Harvest BC

    Commentary  intrafish.com 23 Apr 05:51 GMT

    Only one US state has a viable salmon farming industry. Will it last?

    opponents. Several hours south of Cooke's operations, for example, recent aquaculture proposals, such as Nordic Aquafarm's massive land-based salmon farm in

    Aquaculture  intrafish.com 22 Apr 05:51 GMT


    Last Week’s Must-Read Seafood Headlines: Patagonia's salmon attack; shrimp shake-ups; political fall-out; and desert-farmed fish

    plans to invest millions in land-based salmon production and we learnt the fascinating behind-the-scenes story of how Dubai's first land-based salmon came

    NEWS  intrafish.com 22 Apr 05:44 GMT

    The rocky road to Dubai's first land-based salmon

    The first salmon from a new, land-based fish farm in Jebel Ali outside Dubai is on the market. But the project was not without challenges, according...system, including all the cleaning systems and feeding systems. -- OUT NOW! Industry Report: The land-based salmon farming revolution -- "The biggest technological challenge has been to understand that salmon live in cold water," Akva Land-Based Sales Director Jacob Bregnballe told IntraFish sister publication

    Aquaculture  intrafish.com 18 Apr 05:35 GMT

    Patagonia trashing some wild salmon while it promotes its own salmon brand

    practice as harmful to wild salmon runs, it is more optimistic about land-based salmon farming. Seizing on the rollout of the film, Johan Andreassen, CEO of fledgling land-based salmon farmer Atlantic Sapphire tweeted this response to Patagonia's announcement of the debut of Artifishal: "Dear @patagonia , good

    Fisheries  intrafish.com 17 Apr 17:33 GMT


    Clothing giant Patagonia launches attack on global salmon farming industry

    ! Industry Report: The land-based salmon farming revolution -- The final part of the film moves to Norway, where escapes from the aquaculture sector and the

    Aquaculture  intrafish.com 16 Apr 02:24 GMT


    Russian company to invest millions in land-based salmon farm

    Russian company Aquatrade is planning to invest RUB 500 million (€6.8 million/$7.7 million) into a new land-based salmon farm in the Leningrad region...Fish the need for freshwater access, filtration and energy will be costly. But the main disadvantage of land-based farmed salmon production is the long...," Bereznuk said. "This period will likely be longer in land-based fish farming." -- OUT NOW! Industry Report: The land-based salmon farming revolution

    Aquaculture  intrafish.com 15 Apr 22:15 GMT


    Leonardo DiCaprio backs Alaska salmon in battle against controversial mine

    Alaska's wild salmon titled "The Breach." -- OUT NOW! Industry Report: The land-based salmon farming revolution -- The Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

    Fisheries  intrafish.com 12 Apr 12:12 GMT

    HB Grandi CEO's strategy: investments, efficiency and integration

    likely, including land-based processing operations and new vessels. “We always have [other] investments in mind,” Kristjansson told IntraFish.

    Finance  intrafish.com 11 Apr 08:15 GMT