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  • Finally, we have a Tyson. Can Cooke keep it together?

    , Salmones Cupquelan, Culmarex, Omega Protein. No company has ever come close to the kind of diversity in species or geography as Cooke. There may be a reason...Honduran shrimp farmer Seajoy, Cooke has crossed a threshold that nobody has so far. Was 2018 the biggest year yet for seafood M&A deals? The idea of a.... "No company has ever come close to the kind of diversity in species or geography as Cooke. There may be a reason for that." Can Cooke make it work

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    Virginia menhaden compliance ruling postponed indefinitely

    menhaden fishery out of compliance. Cooke-owned Omega Protein is the largest participant in the state's menhaden fishery. The company has long held that...-compliance stems from the fact that Virginia has not codified a reduced cap on Omega Protein’s menhaden harvest in the Chesapeake Bay, which was slashed by 41..., according to Omega Protein. “The Commission made the right decision today because the Bay Cap is not ‘necessary for the conservation of the fishery,’ as is

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    Omega Protein pays $1 million to settle 2010 fraud allegations

    Subsidiaries of Cooke Aquaculture-owned Omega Protein agreed to pay $1 million (€873,218) to resolve allegations that they obtained a loan from the United States by falsely certifying compliance with federal environmental laws, the US Department of Justice (DOJ) said last week. Omega, Cooke company...not owned by Cooke at the time, which acquired Omega Protein in 2017. In 2013, Omega Protein, Inc. pled guilty to violations of the CWA between May

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    Cooke buys shrimp farmer

    Omega Protein in 2017 for about $500 million (€429.9 million). As a result, Cooke now employs around 6,000 people worldwide, produces 275,000 metric tons...Cooke Inc., parent of Cooke Aquaculture, said Friday it has completed its acquisition of Seajoy Seafood Corporation, one of the largest vertically integrated, premium shrimp farms in Latin America. Company profile: Cooke Seafood The terms of the transaction were not disclosed. “The acquisition of

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    Report: Gulf menhaden fishery stocks healthy, sustainably managed

    public affairs for Omega Protein. "This new assessment is just the latest confirmation of a healthy Gulf menhaden fishery." The fishery is targeted by Cooke-owned Omega Protein, which also participates in the Atlantic menhaden fishery, recommended for MSC certification in December.

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    10 seafood trends you can bank on in 2019

    is that we are now seeing more companies acquire other companies that are outside their home region. Canada’s Cooke buying US companies such as Wanchese and Omega Protein and Chinese group Legend holdings buying Chilean salmon farmer Australis are just a couple examples. But there are plenty more and

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    Omega Protein menhaden fishery given provisional OK for MSC certification

    will now field input on the proposed certification over the coming weeks. Omega Protein was acquired by the Cooke group in 2017....Omega Protein's US Atlantic menhaden purse seine fishery was given a tentative thumbs up for Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification -- with key caveats. Company profile: Cooke Seafood Certification group SAI Global wrote in its public comment draft report that fishery was "provisionally

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    Company profile: Cooke Seafood

    Uruguay. Cooke's latest acquisition was the one for integrated specialty oils and protein products provider Omega Protein in 2017 for about $500 million...Cooke Seafood Cooke Seafood key executives The Canadian company began as Kelly Cove Salmon, with a single marine cage site and 5,000 salmon. It has...salmon, sea bass and shellfish suppliers in the world. The Cooke family of companies includes global aquaculture divisions under Cooke and its wholly

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    Cooke closes in on Latin America shrimp farmer

    currently unclear. Cooke completes Omega Protein acquisition Last year Seajoy (Deli) Group and Grupo Granjas Marinas, two of Honduras’ largest shrimp...Cooke Aquaculture is aiming to tie up the acquisition of Seajoy (Deli) Group, which farms shrimp in Ecuador, Honduras and Nicaragua. "There are lot...shrimp on Ecuador’s Gulf of Guayaquil. The company later expanded its shrimp farming operations to Honduras in 1985 and in 1997 to Nicaragua. Cooke began

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    Go inside the 2018 IntraFish NYC Seafood Investor Forum

    that the industry is hard to invest in because it seems to change fast. Pareto Securities Parnter Kristoffer Jordheim said a company such as Cooke Aquaculture has the right strategy: Diversify slow and steady. He pointed to Cooke branching out into other sectors, species, geographies and more. "That strategy takes ambition and I don't know if there are many companies like that." Former Blue Harvest CEO Jeff Davis brought up Cooke as well as Trident

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