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    Cooke's Omega Protein, Daybrook secure Gulf menhaden fishery MSC approval

    Cooke's Omega Protein secures menhaden fishery MSC approval Omega Protein menhaden fishery given provisional OK for MSC certification Seafood...the fishery's catch can carry an MSC eco-label. The two primary participants in the Gulf menhaden fishery, Cooke-owned Omega Protein and Daybrook...menhaden fishery is the second menhaden fishery to achieve MSC certification. In September, Omega Protein's Atlantic menhaden fishery received MSC

    Fisheries  intrafish.com 17 Oct 17:05 GMT


    Cooke's Omega Protein: Menhaden commission cap is not science-based

    Which salmon farmer is making the most money per kilo? Broader omega-3 claims 'a boost for consumption prospects' What's the next big alternative aquaculture feed ingredient? Skretting wants to be the first to know Cooke-owned Omega Protein's Atlantic menhaden purse-seine will continue to follow the US...Marine Fisheries Commission (ASMFC). Omega Protein said Thursday it will continue to follow harvest guidelines that are for 87,216 metric tons, an amount

    Fisheries  intrafish.com 13 Sep 19:23 GMT


    Cooke's Omega Protein secures menhaden fishery MSC approval

    , who had ruled against challenges to the certification. Today's approval ends a two-year effort by Omega Protein to secure the certification. Cooke-owned menhaden harvester and processor Omega Protein filed for MSC certification of the fishery in 2017, and received final approval for certification on...farmed trout giant's growth plans put sustainability first Omega Protein's Atlantic menhaden fishery has been officially certified as sustainable against

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    Cooke-backed bid for menhaden MSC certification clears NGO roadblocks

    groups further accused Cooke of "buying its way to public respectability" with the bid. SAI and Omega, predictably, argued the management is both...Global to provide clarity on how "ecologically based managment measures" will be implemented in the fishery. Cooke-owned menhaden harvester and processor Omega Protein Corp. filed for MSC certification of the fishery in 2017, and received final approval for certification on March 6 from certification group

    Fisheries  intrafish.com 31 Jul 20:19 GMT

    Cooke offering alternative bait to Maine lobstermen

    Cooke Aquaculture said Wednesday that it is offering whole blackbelly rosefish (Helicolenus dactylopterus) for use by Maine lobstermen as an alternative bait. In June, use of the fish as bait was approved by the Maine Department of Marine Resources. This new supply, Cooke said, will help address challenges Maine lobstermen are facing because of a shortage of herring, the traditional bait used to catch lobster. Cooke's Omega Protein christens new red

    Fisheries  intrafish.com 10 Jul 23:42 GMT


    Cooke's Omega Protein christens new red crab fishing vessel

    On Monday, Omega Shipyard, a subsidiary of Omega Protein, christened the Southern Star, a newly retrofitted vessel that is now bound for Uruguay, where it will be used by Cooke Uruguay, a sister division of Omega Protein under Cooke Inc., to fish for red crab (Chaceon Notialis). Glenn Cooke, CEO and co-founder of Cooke Inc., along with his father and co-founder, Gifford Cooke, attended the christening ceremony. "This vessel is going to be a

    Fisheries  intrafish.com 08 Jul 19:46 GMT


    Podcast: Is the sustainable seafood movement over?

    , and Reporter John Evans giving an exclusive on the US Food and Drug Administration's latest claim that omega-3 fatty acids in food may reduce risks of...our previous podcasts: The flood of seafood eco-labels, Thailand's revolution, and what's next in sustainability Norway's algae crisis, Cooke

    NEWS  intrafish.com 21 Jun 18:44 GMT

    High Liner's Rubicon burden is a heavy one

    . Overall food & beverage average multiples in 2017, according to analysts SDR Ventures, were around 10.2x EBITDA. The acquisition of Omega Protein by Cooke, even with a 32.5 percent premium on the share price, was a multiple of 7.8x EBITDA. Needless to say, Omega's margins are significantly higher. Through the first half of 2017 -- a half Omega deemed unsatisfactory -- EBITDA margins were at 20 percent. Even with the share consideration, the cash price

    Commentary  intrafish.com 13 Jun 22:41 GMT

    Here's a list of 20 years of Cooke acquisitions

    timeline of Cooke's acquisitions through the past two decades: 1997-Acquired Atlantic Fish Specialties Ltd in order to expand its value-added forms. 1998...-Acquired Meridian Salmon Farms Limited (now Cooke Aquaculture Scotland), an agreed enterprise valued at £122.5 million (€150.6 million/$206.6 million). 2015-Cooke family creates Cooke Seafood USA Inc and acquires the Wanchese Fish Company. 2016- Cooke expanded its investments and acquired Icicle

    Finance  intrafish.com 28 May 21:29 GMT


    Cooke in talks for Ocean Beauty stake

    February and Omega Protein in late 2017 -- it's largest acquisition in its 32-year history. Officials from BBEDC and Cooke Aquaculture were unavailable to...Canadian seafood giant Cooke Aquaculture is in talks to acquire all or part of Seattle-based processor Ocean Beauty, sources close to the deal told IntraFish. Finally, we have a Tyson. Can Cooke keep it together? Ocean Beauty, one of Alaska's largest seafood processors with around $500 million in

    Finance  intrafish.com 28 May 19:02 GMT