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  • Russian shipyard starts work on Norebo's third $60 million factory trawler

    for the distribution of investment quotas for pollock and Pacific herring recently held by the Federal Fisheries Agency, Rosrybolovstvo," Norebo was recently awarded investment quotas for pollock and Pacific herring, and expects to formally ink the deal this month, Sergey Sennikov, a spokesman for Norebo

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    Russia planning to triple value-added pollock production

    -funded investment quota program. It is expected to lead to a sharp shift towards value-added pollock production.

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    Russian Fishery building four additional fishing vessels, one processing plant

    catch quota for cod and haddock will increase by 1,000 metric tons with the new plant. The quota increases will be enabled through the state’s investment quota program, the government’s initiative to incentivize companies to increase fishing and processing capacity with domestic contracts. “Today we can confidently talk about the effectiveness of the mechanism of investment quotas,” said RFC CEO Fedor Kirsanov. The new vessels will be built at the Admiralty

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    Russian Fishery CEO: New high-tech plant part of major pivot to value-added

    being built within the framework of the federal program of investment quotas for the construction of fishing vessels and fish processing plants. As part...has been approved for participation in the auction in the framework of the state investment quotas program. Russian Fishery is among the country

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    Russian shipyard launches new value-added groundfish vessel

    €160 million ($188.8 million). The construction of these new vessels has already been supported by Russia’s state investment quota program.

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    Russian Fishery kicks off construction of second new super-trawler

    is a clear confirmation of the effectiveness of the state program of investment quotas." Russian Fishery began the construction of the first trawler as part of this series in January. The company will build six vessels at the shipyard, a response to the country’s investment quota initiative, a

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    Keel for third whitefish longliner-processor laid for Russian fishing company

    Severnaya Verf through the state investment quota program, through which Severnaya Verf is actively involved in updating the country’s fishing fleet. In

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    Russian crab giant mulls extension of whitefish business

    considering obtaining investment quotas as a necessary condition for the construction of the new fishing vessels. To meet the requirements of Antey, Rosrybolovstvo is working out amendments to the fisheries legislation, allowing investment quotas for demersal species to be increased. According to Rosrybolovstvo, an increase could be provided for species such as cod, flounder, greenling, squid, grenadier, navaga and halibut. “The total volume of investments

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    Second new trawler laid for Russia’s Norebo Group

    be designed for pollock and herring catching in the Okhotsk and Bering Seas. “We are expecting auctions for the distribution of investment quotas for..., Rosrybolovstvo, and obtaining investment quotas, the first vessel will be laid next year, with all four trawlers for Norebo’s Far East fishing companies being...scheduled for delivery between November 2020 and August 2022. The construction of these new vessels has already been supported by Russia’s state investment

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    Russian cod fillet output primed for significant growth

    expected thanks to the government’s investment quota initiative, said Sennikov. The measure is an attempt by the government to increase domestic processing capacity by allocating additional quotas to those companies who commission new fishing vessels in the country. In 2018, investment quotas were allocated to

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