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  • Leroy sees bright future for microalgae in its salmon

    The salmon giant is investing substantial amounts in the alternative omega-3 source.

    Aquaculture  intrafish.com 7 hours old

    FDA OK's single-cell protein ingredient for salmon diets

    into this new US market that is emerging seemingly out of nowhere.” As with other alternative protein-based feed ingredients, the main challenge is to...for protein alternatives in aquaculture to keep up with increasing feed production for the short, medium and long term, the sector of single-cell

    Aquaculture  intrafish.com 7 hours old


    F3 Blog:What if we ran out of forage fish?

    NGOs, researchers, and private partnerships to accelerate the commercialization of innovative, alternative aquaculture feed ingredients to replace wild

    Events  intrafish.com 7 hours old

    Why Patagonia Provisions doesn't use an MSC label

    to identify seafood alternatives that allow the ocean and the planet to flourish. In its continuing effort to promote what it describes as...what are the best alternatives on land, and doing it the right way," she told IntraFish. "There are some tremendous strides being made by some companies

    Marketplace  intrafish.com 15 Feb 12:12 GMT

    LETTER: Why are we allowing plants masquerading as seafood to exhibit at Boston, Brussels seafood shows?

    industry and to potential customers by allowing plant-based seafood alternatives to exhibit at these shows. Why are we allowing vegetables dressed up to mimic tuna or crab in our industry? There is no denying that plant based protein alternatives are one of the fastest growing segments within the food...convention -- we as an industry need to be proud of the seafood products we are marketing and stop making it easy for consumers to find alternative options to

    Commentary  intrafish.com 15 Feb 12:11 GMT

    DNB: Land-based salmon farming volumes falling short of projections

    quality and consistency of feed combined with access to skilled labor, they wrote. “Land-based salmon farming is perhaps the most interesting alternative

    Aquaculture  intrafish.com 13 Feb 12:12 GMT

    Skretting awarded for zero-fishmeal salmon feed

    Company Profile: Skretting Aquaculture feed provider Skretting won the edie Sustainability Leaders Award in London for its MicroBalance FLX, a salmon feed containing no fishmeal. The product was launched in 2016, making Skretting the first to offer diets for salmon containing no fishmeal. The product is a result of three decades of research conducted by the Skretting Aquaculture Research Centre into the potential for alternative raw materials to

    Aquaculture  intrafish.com 08 Feb 12:10 GMT

    Insect protein startup seeks to raise capital, increase capacity

    Irish startup Hexafly, an insect protein producer targeting the aquaculture industry, seeks to raise €10 million ($11.35 million) this year for the construction of a new production facility in Ashbourne, reports Irish Times. The company recently moved into a commercial plant in Ashbourne, but is looking to build a larger facility to meet a growing demand for insect-based products. “Our insect protein can be used to replace fish meal and as an alternative

    Aquaculture  intrafish.com 07 Feb 12:10 GMT


    Week in Review: Fish-free tuna; Leroy fire; land-based salmon stall; CEO exclusives

    Goodbye January. Farewell, adieu, see ya later. The most maligned month in the calendar is now behind us and for seafood news its final week kicked off with, ironically, a story about non-seafood. It was a story on fish-free tuna, targeted at the fast-growing demand for plant-based protein as an alternative for meat and fish (think vegans, flexitarians, reducetarians), in the United Kingdom – a trend that simply “cannot be ignored,” IntraFish was told

    NEWS  intrafish.com 05 Feb 12:10 GMT

    How is pollock clawing its way back with UK supermarket shoppers?

    The cheaper whitefish alternative is viciously fighting to regain market share from its more expensive peers, cod and haddock.

    Marketplace  intrafish.com 01 Feb 12:12 GMT