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  • US-based feed alternative startup ready to pilot

    The company aims to benefit the aquaculture industry with its technology.

    Aquaculture  intrafish.com 14 hours old


    Startup snatches private equity investment as fish welfare takes firm place on Europe's retail agenda

    while traditional alternatives such as percussion stunners need to be calibrated to fit a particular size or species, Ace Aquatec's pipeline caters to

    Aquaculture  intrafish.com 23 hours old

    Thai Union's food-tech accelerator launches with 23 startups

    million). The first investment was announced into Flying Spark, an alternative protein producer.

    NEWS  intrafish.com 12 Nov 13:10 GMT

    Marine Ingredients Organization IFFO announces venue for 2020

    The event will be the 60th in the organization's history.

    Events  intrafish.com 08 Nov 04:38 GMT

    Feed alternatives, blockchain and offshore monitoring take to winners' podium at final Fish 2.0 forum

    : Land-based technology may disrupt aquaculture sector Thai Union injects $30 million into alternative proteins, innovation Montana Microbial Products received an award for its high-quality barley protein concentrates for fish feed, a new fish-free alternative to traditional feeds. Australian Crayfish

    NEWS  intrafish.com 08 Nov 04:29 GMT

    Insect grower targeting fishmeal replacement plans major new US plant

    Can chicken eggs protect salmon against lice? Skretting pledges $2 million towards alternative feed Is the aquaculture industry ready for feces-based feed? Fly farmer and insect technology pioneer AgriProtein will expanding in California next year with an industrial-scale maggot farm based on organic waste. Bloomberg reports the plant in California's Jurupa Valley will be followed by operations in the Netherlands and Belgium, and is part of a

    Aquaculture  intrafish.com 07 Nov 23:46 GMT

    Thai Union's tuna business facing rock-bottom prices, declining demand, emerging competition

    currency, would be "difficult" as the baht is expected to be strong in 2020. Alternative protein mitigating risk? Thai Union Group continues to grow other...) for investments in innovative companies that are developing breakthrough technologies in food technology. Its first investment was in alternative

    Prices  intrafish.com 07 Nov 23:38 GMT


    Seaweed producer lands Tesco contract

    Tesco has put seaweed products from small-scale Scottish producer Mara Seaweed on its shelves, followings its success in Tesco's Incubator Program. The company sells seaweed products in the form of flakes as an alternative to salt. The seaweed is harvested around the Fife shoreline. Mara Seaweed goes on sale this week in over 550 Tesco stores. It is sold in 20 gram sachets priced at £2.99 (€3.50/$3.80).

    Marketplace  intrafish.com 07 Nov 08:31 GMT

    Can chicken eggs protect salmon against lice?

    They might just hold the key to the antibodies salmon need.

    Research  intrafish.com 06 Nov 08:36 GMT

    Ag-focused investment fund has $150 million to deploy in aquaculture

    replace alternative protein with fish, and as people are getting more worried about the environment where fish is growing, the prospects for recirculating

    Finance  intrafish.com 06 Nov 05:23 GMT