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  • Yoshimura Food acquires Singapore fish processor

    Yoshimura Food Holdings announced it plans to acquire Pacific fish processor, Pacific Sorbi in Singapore, NNA Asia reports. The total acquisition will cost JPY 1.63 million ($14,561/€12,930) and will close on May 13. Pacific Sorbi processes frozen products such as crab, lobster, shrimp and also fresh fish.

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    Newfoundland Salmon: Brand of the future?

    Consultants identify distinctive salmon brand as a way to penetrate global markets.

    NEWS  intrafish.com 8 hours old

    US cell aquaculture firm moves to new home

    Cellular aquaculture company BlueNalu plans to move to a larger research facility to allow it to complete the first phase of its business plan. San Diego-based BlueNalu produces a lab-grown range of seafood products directly from fish cells. The company is targeting finfish, crustaceans and mollusks that are overfished, mainly imported, and difficult to farm raise. BlueNalu aims to develop seaf

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    Court rules Cooke's testimony over WA state salmon pen maintenance was 'evasive'

    The ruling has pushed the trial date from Sept. to Dec. of 2019.

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    Aquaculture company launches counter campaign against Patagonia 'Artifishal' documentary

    It's time for the aquaculture industry to defend itself, says exec.

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    Russian Fishery nabs approval for new trawlers

    The vessels will have a length of 108 meters, each designed for catching and processing more than 50,000 metric tons of fish per year.

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    Former ASMI exec joins Chilean salmon farmer

    Exec will continue her work to grow the seafood category.

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    Red Lobster launches oceans preservation partnership

    US Seafood restaurant chain Red Lobster is partnering with NGO Ocean Conservancy to protect the world’s oceans. Red Lobster said it will strongly encourage suppliers to support projects that reduce, remove and recycle the more than 640,000 metric tons of fishing gear (known as ghost gear) lost or abandoned in oceans each year. The chain plans to educate consumers about the impact of single-use p

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    Jamaican processor to build St Vincent plant

    Rainforest Seafoods will invest nearly $4 million into a fresh and frozen value added site.

    Processor  intrafish.com 16 hours old

    Report: Mowi refused Irish licence renewal

    Local newspaper alleges company breached terms.

    Aquaculture  intrafish.com 16 hours old