US restaurant chain Denny’s will be including new Alaska pollock items on its menu that include fish and chips and a fish sandwich thanks to funding from the same marketing group that helped launch pollock into US 7-Elevens earlier this year.

The Association of Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers (GAPP) approved the proposal from Denny's as well as three other companies as part of a policy the GAPP board established late last year to allow for "GAPP to fund time-sensitive partnerships outside of our normal request for proposal rounds," Craig Morris, CEO of GAPP, told IntraFish.

Consumers ordering the pollock products at Denny’s will be engaged at the point of purchase with the nutritional and sustainability attributes of Alaska pollock, according to GAPP.

Proposals emphasizing takeout and convenient home meal preparation are being carefully considered by GAPP, given the ongoing coronavirus crisis that continues to hamper foodservice globally, and shift consumer purchasing habits.

Gorton’s Seafood will also receive funding to "entice new frozen seafood consumers" to switch to Alaska pollock through recipes and other educational materials.

New England Seafood of the United Kingdom will also launch Wild Alaska Pollock tenderloins with funding from GAPP.

GAPP is contributing almost $300,000 (€263,000) spread between the three companies cumulatively, Morris said. The companies in turn, bring "a matching or greater investment helping to magnify the impact in the market of each program."

GAPP was working with the companies previous to announcing earlier this week it has been approved for more than $3 million (€2.7 million) in funding for North American partnerships and close to $1 million (€890,000) in funding for European partnerships.