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Cookie Information

General terms

  • Subscriptions are paid in advance. The subscription period will continue until we receive a requested cancellation.
  • Cancellation of subscriptions should reach us by the end of the of the expiry date. A cancellation notice which arrives after this time will be processed when the next issue is published.
  • If a cancelled subscription has a remaining unpaid period when stopped, an invoice with an outstanding balance will be posted. Subscriptions cancelled before the current expiry date will be stopped at the end of the paid term, unless a prior arrangement is agreed.
  • Please note: Subscriptions must be cancelled in writing, either by letter to one of our offices, or by email to
  • Subscriber details may be saved for marketing purposes; however details will be deleted upon request.
  • Customer information, such as names and address details, are stored in secure subscription systems, and archived at IntraFish Media AS.
  • According to sales laws and regular cooling-off-periods which apply, subscribers have the right to cancel the subscription within two weeks of receiving the first issue. In that case, you should inform our customer service centre, who will immediately cancel your subscription and stop delivery.


Specific terms for our newspapers and magazines

  • Subscribers will not be exempt from payment for issues returned in the post or not collected from the post office.
  • Issues are posted to subscribers without an additional postal fee on the date of printing.
  • Whenever an issue is not received, the subscriber is obliged to inform IntraFish Media AS, and the issue will then be forwarded by post, or credited to the subscription, prolonging the term.
  • Subscribers have a 3 month window to notify Intrafish Media AS of missing issues, after 3 months any issues requested will have to be paid for.


Specific terms for our electronic products

  • The E-paper may not be temporarily cancelled.
  • Every subscriber receives access by a personalised username and password.
  • The access details are to be utilised by the named subscriber only!
  • If a subscriber shares his access details, the access will be locked and the subscriber will then have to contact Intrafish to reactivate the account and add extra user licenses which will enable multiple usernames and passwords.
  • If a subscriber repeatedly shares access details, they are then in breach of the terms and conditions. Intrafish Media AS has the right to cancel the subscribers’ access with no prior notice.
  • Intrafish Media As continuously tracks and monitor access and usage of its web content and industry reports.
  • IntraFish Media AS is not, in any way, responsible for technical support regarding subscribers’ technical equipment or internet connection.
  • Copyright: All articles, photographs, graphics etc. are available for the subscriber to view. However, additional use, copy or duplication of any published material requires written permission from IntraFish Media AS.
  • Any links to IntraFish Media AS websites or material must be clearly identified with the source IntraFish Media AS and the specific publication or service. It is strictly forbidden to link to specific articles or material, and also to publish any IntraFish Media AS material or sites as part of any other webpage, publication or service, without a prior agreement and written consent from IntraFish Media AS. Any breach of this will lead to demand of damages, compensation and restitution. IntraFish Media AS is, furthermore, not responsible for the content of websites that any IntraFish Media AS publication or service may link to.


Subscription payment

  • When a subscription is purchased, an invoice will be sent to the customer and renewal of existing subscriptions will be invoiced 2-10 weeks prior to expiry.
  • Payment should be made by credit card, bank transfer or in advance. All our credit card transactions are processed through DIBS, a well established and reliable service provider for secure payments.
  • We accept the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard and American Express.
  • Payment options and bank details are printed on the back of our invoices.
  • Distribution costs are included in the subscription price. However, if the issues are to be forwarded to an area with higher delivery rate, these additional costs will be invoiced to the subscriber afterwards.
  • Changes in subscription prices will affect terms of all current active subscriptions unless otherwise agreed upon.


Copyright policy

To protect your subscription investment, we've instituted a security system to protect against the electronic redistribution of copyrighted IntraFish content.

We've done this to ensure that those who have purchased a subscription licence for IntraFish content are protected against non-subscribers gaining free access to content.

Additionally, IntraFish content is copyrighted and IntraFish holds exclusive rights to this material. Any republication, redistribution or re-editing or other use of this material in any form, including by framing or similar means, or by electronic linking, is expressly prohibited without the prior consent of IntraFish.


Cookies Information

IntraFish uses information files (cookies) to customise content and develop our digital publication and services (hereafter referred to as “digital solutions”).  Information files or cookies are small data or text files which a website may store on your computer or mobile device when you visit a site or page. The cookie will help the website, or another website, to recognise your device, choices and preferences the next time you visit. Web beacons or other similar files can also do the same thing. We use the term cookies when referring to all files that collect information in this way.

We use cookies for many purposes, primarily for analysis, but also in connection with marketing to customise content and advertising optimally. Examples are:

• General statistics for our digital solutions and their performance

• Manage User-ids and preferences

• Remember-me functionality for log-in

• Manage access control for various products and services

• Improve technical performance and quality on our sites

We use several types of cookies:

Session-based cookies
Session based cookies are automatically deleted when you close your browser. We use these to register when you are online on our digital solutions, and how you navigate, for instance while using MyIntraFish pages.

Fixed cookies
These cookies are used to collect information on authentication and preferences. They aren’t deleted when you exit the browser but on a later designated date, or when you delete them yourself. By using these cookies we optimise the performance of our services and can make sure your log-in details and preferences are remembered the next time you log on. We also use them to track your use of the website and to remind you to update your subscription details from time to time.

Third-party cookies
We may also use third-party cookies that could be both session-based or fixed. They are typically used in advertisements on our digital solutions. If you click on links provided by a third party, terms and conditions for these third-party suppliers apply, including their cookie policies. We allow advertisers to place such cookies on their advertisements to enable them to monitor the efficiency of their advertising. This is limited to anonymous data and cannot be traced back to you as a person.

Disabling cookies
You may at any point disable cookies in the settings or internet options menu in your browser. There are also tools that can monitor and give you the overview of which cookies are used on the web pages you visit. To learn more, see for instance or

Cookies are essential to the administration of our subscriber-based services. If you do disable our cookies you will find that certain sections of our website do not work. For example, you will have difficulties logging in or viewing articles.


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