Pacific Seafood is gradually reopening two of its five Newport, Oregon-based processing facilities after 127 workers tested positive for coronavirus, Yachats News reported.

The plant has been temporarily closed since June 5 in response to the outbreak, the second time Pacific has had to close one of its facilities over coronavirus concerns.

The company will reopen the facilities in stages, initially bringing back uninfected workers and eventually foreign workers.

Employees who tested positive for coronavirus will have to isolate for at least 10 days before returning to the site.

“As operations reopen, we will continue to work closely with local and state partners and implement proactive preventative measures consistent with CDC guidance including temperature checks, health screening questions, face masks, face shields, expanded physical distancing, and increased sanitation protocols,” the company said.

In May, Pacific Seafood temporarily closed its plant in Warrenton, Oregon, for a day after a worker there tested positive earlier in the week for the coronavirus.

Pacific Seafood started reopening its Pacific Bio facility this Wednesday where none of 21 company employees or contacts tested positive for coronavirus.

The company also started two shifts at its surimi processing facility on Wednesday, where 10 of 125 workers tested positive. Nine additional workers are sheltering for being in close contact with positive cases.

The company is also isolating 96 of its workers in motels, including 71 Ukrainian workers and 25 Mexican workers, which were brought to Newport on a temporary visa basis.