Seafood industry sales veteran Guy Lott has been named vice president of sales for US-based surimi seafood supplier Aquamar.

Lott, who most recently served as the vice president of global sales for offshore warmwater aquaculture company Forever Oceans, announced his new role in a LinkedIn post on Tuesday.

Previous to his role at Forever Oceans, Lott served as vice president of global sales at Pacifico Aquaculture, a producer of ocean-raised true striped bass.

He has also served as vice president of sales for North America for Regal Springs Tilapia as well holding a leadership position with Harvest Select Catfish.

California-based Aquamar is best known for its branded line of surimi seafood products carried in over 10,000 US grocery stores. It counts retail behemoth Walmart as one of its biggest customers.

The company is now stepping beyond its traditional product offering and trying its hand at new value-added items featuring mussels, shrimp and other seafood, AquaMar CEO Daryl Gormley told IntraFish during the Seafood Expo North America in Boston in March.

The new line includes fully-cooked, heat-and eat steamed mussels, shrimp skewers and a seafood medley than can be added to pasta for a quick meal.

The refrigerated products are designed to appeal to consumers -- particularly younger Gen Z and millennials -- who prefer to quickly assemble meals from a few ingredients, as opposed to cooking seafood from scratch.

"I am thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Daryl and the rest of the Aquamar team. The new products we are introducing to the market offer bold new choices in the refrigerated retail space. While we stay committed to the surimi business that Aquamar was built on," said Lott.

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