US food truck business Cousins Maine Lobster is investing in a new strategic leadership role it hopes will accelerate the growth of its food truck and brick-and-mortar business segments.

On Thursday, the company announced the hiring of Angela Coppler, who will serve as the company’s first-ever head of development.

Prior to her role with Cousins Maine, Coppler worked for 14 years with The Wendy’s Company, where she spent most of her tenure leading strategic development, franchise development and recruitment in the United States, Canada and abroad for Wendy's fast-food burger restaurants.

She made significant contributions that fueled brand growth, accelerated franchise engagement in remodels and new builds and attracted world-class franchise talent to the brand, according to Cousins Maine.

Cousins Maine Lobster said it has seen sustained system growth since launching in April 2012. It now operates more than 60 food trucks and seven brick-and-mortar restaurants across the United States.