In the summer of 2013, the Norwegian government opened up 45 new salmon farming licenses subject to strict environmental criteria on sea lice, escape risk and other environmental factors dubbed “Green Licenses.”

The move was one of the first major openings for new licenses in years, and sparked excitement among the sector, which was required to apply for the licenses in a selection process chaired by an export panel.

The licenses were dealt out in three different groups. Twenty Group A licenses were sold in Norway’s two northern-most counties, Troms and Finnmark, at a price of NOK 10 million (€1.1 million/$1.2 million) per license. The 15 licenses in Group B were awarded in a closed auction, and 10 Group C licenses were awarded, also at NOK 10 million (€1.1 million/$1.2 million) per license – under 1/5 the market price.

The criteria and the final companies awarded licenses were the topic of huge debate and acrimony in the sector.

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