Pangasius and tilapia have made incredible progress on Western markets, putting themselves firmly center-plate in many foodservice and retail offerings.

In the US, tilapia is now the fourth most consumed seafood and pangasius the sixth, while in Europe both the species have earned a stable position in whitefish imports and consumption.

But everything it has built its markets on, namely its low price and ease of supply, has begun to suffer in recent years as bad press and the influence of social media has created a crisis of reputation.

What the industry is doing about it and how this will affect markets going forward is still a work in progress, but market watchers believe the species still have a big future.

IntraFish Media’s new industry report The Farmed Whitefish Report catalogues the species’ paths to stardom, documents the producers and examines shifts in export markets and what is influencing them.

Why should you buy it? Here’s a few reasons:

  • 88 pages of in-depth market data
  • Production statistics from the last 10 years from all key producers
  • Market statistics from last 10 years in volume, value and product format
  • Re-exporting data in terms of volumes and value
  • Detailed market breakdowns for Europe and the United States
  • Profiles of key producers for both species

If you are a buyer, producer, product innovator or investor, this report is essential reading.

Don’t be left behind on farmed whitefish trends -- they'll be impacting the sector for years to come.

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