There have been some fairly sizeable shifts in terms of trade flows, key producers and markets since we last took a detailed assessment of the world shrimp farming industry in 2012.

The sector is vast and complex and is made up of a number of different species, production methods, and product forms.

But our exclusive new IntraFish industry report gets to grips with today's shrimp landscape and what has influenced the shifts in production power, markets and prices.

While it is fair to say that EMS has been the main event to impact production and distribution of shrimp in recent years, taking its toll on numerous countries, including China, Thailand, and Mexico, other diseases have also played a part.

And there have been other factors at play. A particularly strong El Nino impacting Ecuador, Central America, Indonesia, and now Vietnam; floods in India towards the end of 2015; the Ecuadorian earthquake in early 2016; fluctuating currency exchange rates; as well as tariffs, trade agreements and barriers, have all played their part in shifting trade flows and altering the status quo.

This has inevitably had a knock-on on prices and there has been high volatility over the past few years with prices plunging and soaring in opposition to production levels.

Nevertheless, following several years of uncertainty, the shrimp market is finally looking stable, several US seafood executives recently told IntraFish, and demand and prices may finally be recovering.

In our exclusive new industry report, IntraFish looks at the diseases that have crushed some of the sector’s biggest producers, the trade barriers, duties and special agreements that have come into play and the changing financial and market situations that have enabled or disabled various regions and companies.

We also list the biggest companies in the shrimp export sector today and what has influenced their position in the market.

The report includes statistics and graphs from GAA, NFI, FAO and individual companies and provides contact details, production volumes and contextual information on the world’s top producers.

If you are buying, selling, producing or investing in the shrimp industry, this report is a must-read. Order your copy here.