Kuhlbarra Barramundi and IntraFish Media announced Wednesday that Kuhlbarra will serve as gold sponsor of next month's Women in Seafood Summit in Seattle.

The event will see over 100 seafood leaders come together for an evening of talks and discussion around the industry-wide challenge of how to bring  more women into the sector and, in particular, into leadership positions.

Kuhlbarra Barramundi US is the sales & marketing arm for the North American division of Barramundi Asia based in Singapore. It is managed by the US company, Candor Seafoods, along with the team in Singapore. 

"We are supporting this event because we know the importance of strong female leaders," said Candor Seafoods founder Marcy Bemiller.

Alongside Bemiller, who has 27 years experience in the seafood industry, Barramundi Asia also boasts a female VP, Eva Lim.

Lim and Bemiller are "two women who support each other and know the importance of lifting up and mentoring the future female leaders," said Bemiller.

Last year she, along with five other industry executives organized a support group called Sea Sirens which features a female torso with an octopus as its logo.

"The tentacles stand for the fact that we have many tasks. We are mothers, professionals, wives, daughters, mentors, problem solvers, but together we can do it all. We share professional and personal challenges and we are always there for advice, a strategy, or just to listen. It has made a big difference in our day to day lives," said Bemiller.

"We believe that this conference is exactly what we’ve all been looking for and will hopefully open the door for the next generation to succeed."

IntraFish's FREE event, to be held in Seattle, June 6  -- the same week as the SeaWeb Seafood Summit, the world's largest sustainable seafood conference -- has an exciting line-up of speakers and panelists and has already attracted a huge sign-up of delegates.

If you are interested in attending, please find out more and request your seat here and we will get back to you as soon as possible with confirmation of your place.


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