While experts generally consider the worst to be over in terms of Early Mortality Syndrome's (EMS) devastation of the shrimp farming industry, it seems there may be other problems lurking on the horizon.

Running mortality syndrome (RMS) has recently cropped up in India -- and both shrimp pathologist Donald Lightner and CP Foods Senior VP Robins McIntosh said the causes are still unknown.

"We haven't gotten any samples of that, so we don't even know what it is," Lightner told IntraFish sister publication Fish Farming International Digital.

"We could speculate," added McIntosh. "It's an unknown causative agent [but] export numbers indicate it's not a catastrophic event right now."

In addition, Lightner said the parasite Enterocytozoon hepatopenaei (EHP) "is going to continue to be a big problem -- they're coming up with some high infection numbers" mainly in Thailand, but the issue is expanding to Vietnam and south of China.

"It's causing some slow growth problems in shrimp, mostly in vannamei," he said.

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