Alaska pollock fillets supplied by US-based Trident Seafoods are being featured in an extended free-delivery, take-out promotion at US restaurant chain Denny's.

The fried fillets, which cost $11.99 (€10.98), can be ordered through Denny's on-demand online service. The promotion started last month, a spokeswoman with Denny's told IntraFish.

Craig Morris, CEO of the Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers (GAPP), told IntraFish while the Denny's promotion was not funded by its North American Partnership Program, he's thrilled to see the menu item at one of America's top fast-casual restaurants.

GAPP, in partnership with suppliers such as Trident and other US producers, has sought out and supported partnerships with retail and foodservice groups promoting the species via its North American Partnership Program.

Earlier in March GAPP funding helped Trident roll out new value packs of frozen Alaska pollock fillets into Whole Foods stores across several states.