The European Court of Auditor released a report saying despite progress in the last decade, the EU still does not have a sufficiently effective system of fisheries controls to support the Common Fisheries Policy.

The auditors visited four member states (Spain, France, Italy and the UK/Scotland) and found:

  • None sufficiently verified the accuracy of fishing fleets capacity
  • None sufficiently verified the information on the vessels in fleet registers
  • None verified the tonnage of fishing vessels
  • Two countries had not verified engine power
  • Significant discrepancies between vessel details in the fleet register and those in supporting documents.

Overall, say the auditors, the member states examined were implementing fisheries management measures adequately.

Satellite-based vessel tracking systems provided powerful information for monitoring and controlling fishing activities. But as a result of exemptions provided by the Control Regulation,

About 89 percent of the EU fleet is not monitored due to Control Regulation exemptions for satellite-based vessel tracking systems.

Despite this, the report stated the member states managed the uptake of fishing quotas well. However, there is a lack of transparency when managing quota distribution.


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