IntraFish Media will host its second Digital Event on May 12, exploring the fast-emerging trend of "alternative seafood," and what it means for the seafood industry, investors, buyers and suppliers.

Alternative seafood -- items made of plants or fish tissue grown in labs -- is gaining traction among consumers, and the trend is reflective of significant changes in consumer eating patterns.

The seafood industry, initially wary of alternative-seafood products, seem to be embracing the segment, with major groups like Bumble Bee and Frosta partnering with suppliers, or launching lines of their own.

Our dynamic group of speakers will discuss and debate how seafood companies, investors and buyers should view this emerging trend.

Panelists include:

  • Joost Matthijssen, Investment Director, Nutreco
  • Dominique Barnes, Co-founder, New Wave Foods
  • Roger O'Brien, President & CEO, Santa Monica Seafood
  • Lou Cooperhouse, President & CEO, BlueNalu, Inc.
  • Chad Sarno, Co-Founder & Senior VP Culinary, Gathered Foods /Good Catch Foods

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Who is supplying plant-based and lab-grown seafood?

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