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Baiyang Investment Group

No. 9, Hi-tech 4th Road, Hi-tech Zone

Nanning, GUX 530004, China

Phone: +86 771 3210585



Sales 2015: CNY1,863.74 million ($274.78 million)

Sales 2014: CNY 1780.82 million ($262.5 million)

Sales 2013: CNY 1349.63 million ($198.9 million)

Sales 2012: CNY 1170.78 million ($172.6 million)

Sales 2011: CNY 1012.9 million ($149.3 million)

Baiyang Aquatic Group is one of the giants of China’s aquaculture sector and the country’s number one processor and exporter of tilapia. Based in tropical Nanning, the capital of Guangxi province, the firm however found 2015 a tough one, with revenues up, but production and profits down.