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  • Antibiotic use drops across UK salmon farms, but the problem is not solved

    . "Antibiotic use needs to be used appropriately and in line with fish health, so there may be instances in future that necessitates an increase in use." ISA

    Aquaculture  intrafish.com 23 hours old

    Elanco completes BC salmon DNA sequence

    fish health and fisheries management programs in BC,” said Jim Powell, CEO of BC-CAHS.

    Aquaculture  intrafish.com 13 Nov 18:25 GMT


    MSD Animal Health names new technical manager

    new role with MSD Animal Health. "I want to help develop and improve the use of lice, vaccines and anesthetics to optimize fish welfare and fish health," she said. MSD Animal Health conducts research worldwide on salmon and other coldwater species. All research is managed from Bergen, Norway. She will now head the department, which will provide professional support to aquaculture producers and fish health professionals across the country.

    Aquaculture  intrafish.com 01 Nov 22:57 GMT

    More than 1,000 fish were dying everyday at Grieg's Rogaland operations

    Salmon price-fixing lawsuit drives up Grieg's costs Danske Bank: Leroy, Grieg's larger-smolt strategy will pay off Which salmon farmer is making the most money per kilo? About 1,000 fish were dying daily at Norwegian salmon giant Grieg Seafood's Rogaland operations, but the Fish Health and Environment (Fomas) still hasn't found the cause. The total mortality rate in the single cage was about 10 percent over two weeks up to Aug. 30. Despite

    Aquaculture  intrafish.com 17 Oct 09:14 GMT

    Researchers developing safer treatment for diseased farmed salmon

    acid, and we have conducted preliminary investigations concerning environmental impact,” said Carlo Lazado, a fish health researcher in Nofima and head

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    I have a gambling problem. I’m not alone.

    .9 million at the time). When they offloaded the group to Cargill, it was worth €1.35 billion ($1.47 billion) . Fish health group Pharmaq was even more eye

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    Aquaculture tech company from Silicon Valley settles in Norway

    co-founded Blue Ocean Technology. Aquabyte sells machine-learning technology related to automatic lice detection, biomass estimation and fish-health

    Gear  intrafish.com 08 Oct 12:31 GMT

    Cooke Aquaculture settles legal battle over use of patented 'super smolt' technology

    Cooke partnering with tribe to farm black cod, trout in Washington state Whole Oceans hires experts to assess archaeological value of land-based salmon farm site in Maine After a legal dispute regarding patented technology, fish health group STIM and biotech company MariCal has reached a settlement with Cooke Aquaculture. STIM and MariCal brought the case to US court, after suspecting its SuperSmolt technology was being used by the fish farming

    Aquaculture  intrafish.com 07 Oct 12:25 GMT

    Aller Aqua, TripleNine hunt for new raw materials to optimize feed

    Fish feed producers Aller Aqua and TripleNine entered a research collaboration to identify new marine raw materials for fish feed. The companies are seeking components in marine raw materials that have a special function in terms of benefits for fish health and growth. The feeding experiments on selected fish species will be carried out at Aller Aqua Research. The aqua-feed industry is facing a global slowdown that is forcing companies to implement

    Aquaculture  intrafish.com 07 Oct 04:26 GMT

    Scottish farmers declare proposed feed cap 'lazy'

    introduce a cap on the use of feed with the aim to reduce waste, calling it "lazy." The producers say it would raise fish health and welfare issues and is

    Aquaculture  intrafish.com 04 Oct 09:31 GMT