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  • Dramatic fall in sockeye numbers haunts Canada authorities

    Canadian fisheries experts say they are extremely concerned by a steep decline in returning sockeye salmon numbers, and they are blaming climate change as the leading factor, Global News Canada reports. Federal authorities have slashed their projection for the number of returning Fraser River sockeye in British Columbia to just over 600,000, compared with an earlier forecast of nearly 5 million fish. It comes as the fisheries department releases

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    In pictures: Pamela Anderson joins salmon farming protest

    solution," Cermaq said. "There are many issues at play, ranging from climate change and warming ocean temperatures, to ocean acidification, micro-plastics

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    EU, Canada enter ocean partnership agreement

    The European Union (EU) and Canada ratified a partnership agreement to combat illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fisheries, marine pollution and climate change. Last year, the EU entered a similar ocean partnership with China. The EU and Canada have a longstanding relationship regarding...have been one of the priorities of my mandate, from climate change to plastic pollution to illegal fishing. No country, or region, can tackle these

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    ICES slashes North Sea cod advice by 63%

    recover. "The primary cause of this twist of fortune, the scientists tell us, is related to climate change, that means the situation is not fully within

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    Climate change reducing fish species in PNG

    Climate change, particularly conditions in the western Pacific, has resulted in certain fish species moving to other waters, said Sylvester Pokajam, president of the Papua New Guinea Fishing Industry Association (PNG FIA), reports RNZ. PNG FIA recently entered the full assessment phase toward obtaining Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification for its purse seine skipjack and yellowfin tuna fishery. Tuna makes up a large portion of the industry in

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    Oceana urges Mediterranean to tackle overfishing ahead of meeting

    . "This is their best chance to protect young fish, rebuild ocean productivity, and resilience against climate change." The online viewer provides examples

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    Minh Phu hits back at tariff avoidance allegations: 'We ship no Indian shrimp to the US'

    effects of climate change and other natural occurrences," read the statement. "Indian raw material supplement our operations and exports globally, not to

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    Report warns investors aquaculture risks could 'sink' the sector

    A new report is warning financiers against investing in the aquaculture sector amid fears that low governance, climate change, antibiotic resistance and an unstable feed supply could “sink” the industry. The paper, "Shallow returns?", from the Farm Animal Investment Risk and Return (FAIRR), uses...highlighted similar risks as the new report, including climate change, antibiotic resistance and impacts on wild stocks.

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    AquaBounty posts Q1 loss, but FDA decision boosts outlook

    now import, grow and selling genetically-engineered salmon into the US market. Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) also approved Aqua

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    April's must-read seafood headlines: Salmon farming attacks; shrimp trade shifts; and tariff threats

    stands a chance in the face of increasing opposition. In New Zealand, aquaculture is facing similar challenges, although climate change is also a key

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