Alaska’s senior Republican US Senator Lisa Murkowski expressed her disappointment Friday at news that genetically modified salmon will now be able to be sold to US consumers.

On Friday the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) deactivated a 2016 import alert that prevented genetically engineered salmon from entering the US market.

"It is wrong-headed and a bad idea, simple as that. I am not going to back down and will continue my fight to ensure that any salmon product that is genetically engineered be clearly labeled,” she said.

"USDA’s new guidelines don’t require adequate mandatory labeling and don’t suffice as giving consumers clear information. Instead, they will only confuse people. I continue to have serious concerns about splicing DNA from two animals to produce a new marketable fish, essentially creating a new species."

In January Murkowski re-introduced a bill in Washington, DC that would require any genetically engineered salmon to be clearly labeled as such.