(Correction: The original article 'Mowi shuts down Shanghai salmon processing over coronavirus fears' incorrectly stated that the company is no longer operating. Click here to follow all of the news related to coronavirus.)


Norwegian salmon giant Mowi is running below capacity in Shanghai due to the lack of demand for products in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

However, the processing facility is still open and operating, Mowi Communications Director Ola Helge Hjetland told IntraFish.

It's a significant market, and we're losing our share of it, so it has an effect on price and earnings in the short term, but we think China is coming back," Mowi CEO Ivan Vindheim told E24.

He estimates that China represents an annual market of around 120,000 metric tons, and that Mowi has a share of around 20 percent of this.

Mowi has around 50 employees in China, the majority of whom work at the factory in Shanghai.

"For Mowi overall, this is not a big deal. Apart from the prices being a little lower than usual,there is not much more to say than we are taking a shortterm 'hit'. We can live with that," said Vindheim, emphasizing that the human consequences for people who are sick are of course worse.