Though seafood companies have had nowhere near the challenges with COVID-19 infections that meat and chicken producers have -- where almost half of the nation's hot spots are linked to poultry, pork or beef processing plants -- the number of cases has been piling up, with both April and May logging over 40 known cases.

Though the actual number of infections at seafood processing plants is unknown -- the numbers depend on publicly available data or companies reporting the cases themselves -- infections have been on the rise, and are likely to increase as testing becomes more widespread throughout the world.


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So far, a sizable list of companies has already reported infections, including Thai Union, Trident Seafoods, Ocean Beauty Seafoods, High Liner Foods, Pacific Seafood, Bornstein Seafoods, Bristol Seafood and Blue Harvest Fisheries have all had employees experience cases of the virus.

Chilean salmon processors Blumar and Camanchaca both reported outbreaks, as did Norwegian salmon group Leroy Seafood.