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  • Chinese e-commerce giant breaks live lobster sales record

    purchased in partnership with Gfresh, the Canada-based online seafood marketplace. The unexpected surge surprised Canadian lobster sellers, Gfresh said, some local markets ran out of stock. Through the Gfresh platform, customs pre-clearance allowed the lobsters to arrive within 48 hours of the order...efficient e-commerce platforms, Canadians can expect to see more demand for their goods, such as live lobster and other luxury seafood products," Gfresh said

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    Maine lobster sector eyes Chinese e-commerce with 'cautious optimism'

    ," he told IntraFish. "Lobster will most likely prove to be no exception."Hoping to jump on this expanding market is seafood e-commerce website Gfresh...deal at the China Fisheries and Seafood Expo in Qingdao.Gfresh said it will use the financial boost to pursue product initiatives of its online seafood...of Maine-based lobster firm Calendar Islands, said e-commerce sites, such as Alibaba and Gfresh, are pushing live lobster directly into the Chinese

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    China show blog: Getting creative in China's massive seafood market

    .m. CSTAlibaba invests in GfreshSeafood e-commerce website Gfresh has secured $20 million (€22.2 million) in funding from Internet giant Alibaba and Legend Capital, the companies announced.Both Alibaba, through Riverhill Capital, and Legend Capital will be joining Gfresh's board.Click here to read the full story

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    Alibaba, Legend Capital plow $20 million into seafood e-commerce website

    Seafood e-commerce website Gfresh has secured $20 million (€22.2 million) in funding from Internet giant Alibaba and Legend Capital, the companies announced at the China Fisheries and Seafood Expo in Qingdao.Both Alibaba, through Riverhill Capital, and Legend Capital will be joining Gfresh's board.Gfresh...of seafood pass through its platform in less than two years of operations.So far, Gfresh covers Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, and aims to

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    GOAL 2016 blog: Recap four days of news

    .m. CSTTransparency and traceabilityTransparency and traceability are key to the online B2B seafood marketplace, according to Helen Gao from Gfresh.“An online platform

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    GAA to partner with online seafood marketplace

    The Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA) and Chinese online marketplace Gfresh will sign a memorandum of understanding at the upcoming Global Oultook on Aquaculture Leadership (GOAL) conference in September.As part of the deal, Gfresh will promote Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certified seafood, while GAA will promote the platform to members.Gfresh has facilitated some $150 million in trade by offering suppliers direct links to buyers in 10 major Chinese

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    Online seafood platform smooths path to China in customs agreement

    Online seafood trading platform Gfresh is signing an industry-first agreement with the China Certification and Inspection Group Canada (CCICCA) at the 2016 BC Seafood Expo.Gfresh's VP and co-founder Anthony Wan said the agreement will give Canadian exporters on the online platform the "quickest and easiest trade route into China yet."Following this agreement, suppliers on Gfresh will be given the assurance that their goods are customs passable before

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    VIDEOS: From the Brussels show floor at SEG16

    Get your own valid XHTML YouTube embed code Anthony Wan, co-founder of GfreshGet your own valid XHTML YouTube embed code Morten Hyldborg Jensen, sales and

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    Boston Show blog: Recap on three hectic days here

    months.-- John Fiorillo---------------------------Sunday, March 10:22pm ESTGfresh eyes more species, global marketsOnline seafood marketplace Gfresh...expansion plans going forward.Gfresh has plans to start "scaling up operations in the US, beef up our team, add other species, add fresh and frozen seafood...lobster is sold on Gfresh and 65 percent of Canadian Dungeness crab is sold on the site, said Wan."Nearly every commodity is bought online, so it seemed

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    Online marketplace reaches sales milestone

    Online seafood marketplace Gfresh said Monday it hosted more than a record $4 million (€3.7 million) in sales through its virtual marketplace in one week.The marketplace connects buyers and sellers of live seafood, and Gfresh said many of last week's sales were from high Chinese demand for lobster -- more than 4,000 boxes of lobster were sold."This is equivalent to around 120,000 kgs [120 metric tons] of live seafood -- the largest volume Gfresh has

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