Land-based flatfish farmer Stolt Sea Farm (SSF) has begun work on expanding its sole hatchery in Europe.

The expanded facility in Cervo, Spain, which already is the world’s largest flatfish hatchery, will allow the company to fulfill much of its planned production growth for the coming years.

​In July, SSF said it planned to significantly increase its production of turbot and sole after receiving official government approval to expand its Cervo hatchery.

The work follows the recently completed expansion of its sole broodstock facilities and is a key step in the company’s production growth plan.

​In the last three years, SSF has doubled its annual production capacity for sole to 1,700 metric tons and the upgraded hatchery will support its plans to double capacity again in the next three years, ensuring it is on track to reach its annual production target of 23,000 metric tons of turbot and sole by 2035.

“Expanding broodstock and hatchery capacity for sole is an essential milestone in our quest to continue as a leading producer of this species," SSF President Jordi Trias said.

"It also demonstrates the confidence we have in the strength of our business and our commitment to satisfy our customers’ demand for high-quality, sustainable sole," he said.

​The construction project and operations will also create employment for the local community.