US-based tuna giant Bumble Bee announced CEO Jan Tharp has joined the board of directors for Gathered Foods, which produces the plant-based seafood brand Good Catch.

Bumble Bee announced its joint venture with Gathered Foods in March, stating it will be working with the plant-based company on the sales, distribution and logistics for the Good Catch brand.

Gathered Foods said Tharpe's appointment "amplifies the seafood company's commitment to bolstering the next wave of plant-based proteins through products such as Good Catch, while continuing its long-term commitment to ocean health."

"The voracious demand for protein alternatives is rapidly changing and evolving in the food industry," , said Chris Kerr, CEO and co-founder of Gathered Foods. "We look forward to having Jan's knowledge and trusted voice on our board as we continue to make plant-based seafood readily available to consumers everywhere."


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