Greenland-based Royal Greenland is not yet feeling any impact on its business because of the outbreak of coronavirus, however, it remains wary.

"So far there is not much to say, but we are awaiting the situation," Hanne Kvist, director of market development and marketing, told IntraFish.

Just like many other suppliers, the company had several large shipments go to China prior to the Chinese New Year festivities to meet the anticipated demand for seafood products during the holiday season, Kvist said.

"So far, [Royal Greenland] is not experiencing any order cancellations, but is, of course, in close contact with customers and colleagues in China," Kvist said.

The company previously reported high demand from the Chinese market. Sales into China already exceed €100 million ($113.7 million), but CEO Mikael Thinghuus sees this as just the tip of the iceberg for the company.

"Our experience is that there is a great number of educated, affluent Chinese willing to pay for high-quality seafood," Thinghuus told IntraFish. "This figure is going to grow."

Chinese customers are fickle, Thinghuus said, but so far the company has seen some success selling coldwater prawns, Greenland halibut and snow crab. Royal Greenland is now working on developing demand for cod in the market.

In September, Quin-Sea Fisheries, a division of Royal Greenland - officially opened its live lobster facility in New Harbour, Newfoundland.

As part of its strategy, Quin-Sea has initiated several international air shipments to target markets, China being top of the list.

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