Storm Dennis is long gone from the United Kingdom but trading in the country's processing hub of Grimsby is still playing catch-up since vessels from Iceland continue to be delayed from landing fish.

Supplies to the market have been much lower than usual due to difficult catching conditions in Iceland and Norway, Grimsby Fish Market CEO Martyn Boyers told IntraFish. "Normality will return, but not next week."

According to Boyers, there are roughly 800 boxes prepared for Monday, roughly 32 percent of the usual supply.

"Prices have not gone mad because trade and demand in the UK has been moderate. Mainly due to the atrocious weather that has flooded many communities and towns, so no one is out buying anything," he added.

The market sells around 300,000 boxes overall a year, but more than 90 percent is imported. In a previous report, Boyers told IntraFish that the volume of sales was roughly 300 metric tons a week of mainly haddock and cod.

Last Monday, Boyers reported that there were no fish for the day, with market activity restricted to less than 40 boxes.

Simon Dwyer, a spokesperson for the Seafood Grimsby & Humber cluster, told IntraFish he is still hoping that supply will be back to normal by next week.

"I don't have an exact understanding of the quantities, but certainly the vessels were delayed and they might be further delayed next week, but not to the same extent."

This kind of delay happens regularly in Grimsby -- around three times annually due to weather conditions -- so companies are able to adjust by shortening their work week. "As long as it doesn't happen more than that, that's the main thing."

Dwyer also previously confirmed that there was no infrastructure damage to the town from Storm Dennis.