After British Prime Minister Boris Johnson warned that he wouldn't surrender Britain's fishing grounds to the European Union, EU Chief Negotiator Michel Barnier said that without a deal for fishing rights, there would be no trade agreement between the two entities at all, reportedThe Daily Mail.

The EU made a series of demands on Feb. 24 that were immediately rejected by Johnson.

The demands included a requirement for the UK to continue following Brussels rule and for EU fishing boats to retain existing quotas for British waters.

The PM said that there were "onerous commitments" being sought by Brussels, and sought a trade deal closer to the ones like the deals with US, Canada and Mexico.

"The trade agreement will be associated with a fisheries agreement and an agreement about a level playing field or there won't be any agreement at all," Barnier said.

A spokesperson for Johnson said the goal was still to become an independent coastal state by the end of 2020.

"This does not need to be negotiated, nor will it be. Any access by non-UK vessels to fish in UK waters will be for us to determine."