Chinese companies can apply for US tariff relief beginning March 2, following a years-long trade war between the two countries, according to a statement from China's ministry of finance.

This comes after China reduced tariffs on a raft of US seafood products as the two countries scale back tensions in their bitter trade war.

Products previously slapped with a 10 percent tariff by Chinese authorities have been cut to 5 percent, according to official documents obtained by IntraFish.

The new tariff regime also applies to frozen trout, tilapia, albacore tuna, yellowfish tuna, catfish, cod, cod fillets and haddock.

Also covered by the tariff reductions are smoked salmon, live tuna, live tilapia, among other live fish.

The list also includes various types of live, fresh and frozen lobster, crab and coldwater shrimp.

This month the United States lifted tariffs on key Alaska seafood species processed in China.

Companies that suffered could be reimbursed through the decision, which is retroactive to 2018.

The trade war round escalated from both ends on Sept. 1 as the United States tallied 15 percent duties on about $112 billion (€102.1 billion) worth of products imported from China as part of a plan announced previously to impose tariffs on Chinese goods worth $300 billion (€273.5 billion).

In September, China announced it would exempt 16 American-made products from retaliatory tariffs -- including fishmeal and shrimp and prawn seedlings -- in an effort to lessen the effect on US companies caught in Trump's trade war web.