The world’s first fully electric fish farm is now operational.

Automation giant ABB, environmental NGO Bellona and Norwegian salmon farmer and processor Bremnes Seashore have created a model for the rest of the industry through the collaboration in Norway, said Erna Solberg, the country's prime minister, in a press release from Bellona.

Norway's Minister of Climate and Environment Sveinung Rotevatn shared the Prime Minister’s desire for more seafood companies to follow Bremnes in creating a more sustainable business.

"Fish farming creates enormous revenues for Norway, but the production has a footprint and emits climate gases," Rotevatn said.

In the spring of 2018, ABB and Bellona published a report showing it was possible to reduce climate gas emissions considerably with a push for fully electric shore power to salmon farms.

Norway's Prime Minister Erna Solberg. Photo: Arkivfoto Einar Lindbæk

Power to the cage edge

While several salmon farmers have provided electric power to run their facilities, Bremnes Seashore is the first to provide electric power all the way to the cage edge of their operations.

The company has also invested in an electric powered catamaran, which is now in operation.

"All of us at Bremnes Seashore are incredibly proud to be first in the world to run a fully electric-powered fish farm," said Simon Nesse Okland, head of development at Bremnes Seashore.

"This is possible thanks to a close partnership with ABB, Bellona, and other participants. With shore power to the pens, we can perform operations that demand extensive power supply with renewable energy. Fully electric fish farms are good news for the staff, the fish, neighbors and the community as a whole."

The site was officially unveiled on June 24.