Krill harvesting and processing giant Aker BioMarine is planning to construct a new pilot krill facility in Norway to test the production of new food grade krill oil products.

The facility, which could cost over $10 million, would include both production and an associated research and innovation center.

One criteria is for the facility to be in close proximity to the company's head office in Fornebu, Norway, the company said.

In a recent interview, CEO Matts Johansen said 2020 will be a year to settle previous investments, getting demand up and pushing the new science and data on krill out.

"Looking in 2020, we have some really good data that would be of impact on our business. The data is related to shrimp growth and documents how krill could enhance the growth of shrimp," Johansen told IntraFish.

"On the back of this new data together with the vessel coming out with more capacity, we are now able to provide more krill to new customers and more markets."

Aker BioMarine expects a 25-30 percent increase in capacity.