Norwegian fermentation technology company Hyperthemics inked a letter of intent with World Heritage Salmon, the land-based salmon facility backed by the CEO of Hofseth International.

Hyperthermics's facility will convert 120,000 metric tons of sludge into energy and saleable proteins every year, a move which will generate higher sales revenues for the company.

Roger Hofseth's World Heritage Salmon is planning a 100,000 metric-ton recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) salmon facility in a former olivine mine in Raudbergvika, Norway, subject to special environmental and emissions requirements.

Hyperthermics has a team of 11 employees working across its headquarters in Ulsteinvik, Norway and a lab and research department in Regensburg, Germany.

The fermentation company has already brought the industry to a new level with salmon feces.

The tech company utilizes a process that involves volcanic matter, allowing large amounts of biomass to be processed very quickly.

Its current facility in Lindum, Norway, operates as a biogas factory and has trialed the process on different samples of fish feces.