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The world's largest salmon company, Mowi, has installed patented new sub-chilling technology at its Heroy, Norway facility as part of a drive to increase product shelf life.

The company installed Icelandic processing equipment producer Skaginn 3X's sub-chilling system, which cools fish down to -1.2 degrees Celsius without ice, a process that will extend shelf life and improve processing yields, Skaginn 3X says.

Mowi will be able to sub-chill up to 30 metric tons of salmon per hour, which could drive significant savings in shipping, as well as reduce its carbon footprint, Mowi Nord Regional Director Orjan Tveiten said.

Skaginn 3X's sub-chilling technology was patented in 2019. The technology was also supplied to Flakstadvag Laks and Sotra Fiskeindustri.

The company said it has further sales contracts in the pipeline for its technology.