A group of hackers known as Anonymous hit taking credit for several cyberattacks across Russia's government websites.

The group, which has tweeted from several accounts since Thursday, said it would be targeting Putin's government after his unprovoked attack on neighboring Ukraine last week.

The group has used "distributed denial service attacks," where a site is rendered unreachable by being bombarded with traffic, across several government websites and that of Russia Today, the state-backed news service.

Among websites affected as of Monday are the Russian Federal Fisheries Agency Rosrybolovstvo alongside the official sites for the Kremlin and the Ministry of Defense.

Formed on May 12, 2008, as part of Russia's Ministry of Agriculture, Rosrybolovstvo is a federal body that exercises oversight over fishing and aquaculture in waters under the territory of the Russian Federation, excluding internal seas as well as the Caspian and Azov seas.

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