Aquatech company Bluegrove and its CageEye arm have acquired Norwegian rival Sealab with the aim of combining their sensor technologies to create an open platform for integration with other suppliers.

Under the merger Sealab’s underwater light and camera vision technology will be merged with acoustic underwater sensor technology developed by Bluegrove subsidiary CageEye.

Bluegrove’s hydroacoustic sensors are used to observe the behavior of the entire school of fish in a cage, while Sealab’s imaging equipment allows feed operators to see pellets and fish.

"By bringing together two of the world leaders in aquaculture sensor technology, we will deliver solutions that improve the welfare of farmed fish and raise productivity levels in the salmon farming industry,” said Bluegrove CEO Bendik Sovegjarto.

“Advanced computer vision and machine learning techniques make it possible to get a better understanding of the underwater situation in sea-based salmon farming,” said Hans Michael Hansen, technology investor and board member of Sealab Ocean Group.