In November, Austrian startup Revo Foods, which specializes in 3D food printing, will begin selling its plant-based alternative smoked salmon in the Austrian supermarket chain Billa Plus.

Billa Plus operates more than 1,200 stores as well as an online shop.

November's debut follows Revo Foods' March test launch of its smoked salmon slices at Austria-based Budapest Bagel.

"We are right now selling in two restaurants in Vienna since June of 2021," 29-year-old founder and CEO Robin Simsa, told IntraFish.

"Furthermore, we will announce more partners over the course of the upcoming weeks, both in Austria and internationally."

The company nabbed several rounds of funding over the course of this year. In August, it closed on €800,000 ($935,000) from Biogena Group investor and founder Albert Schmidbauer.

That followed the company's first funding round of €1.5 million ($1.8 million) in April, which Simsa said the company used to advance the development of its 3D-printing capabilities for smoked salmon and more.

The investment came from several sources, and included companies as well as individuals such as Copenhagen-based Hazelpond Capital; Eva Sommer, co-founder and chief product officer at Peace of Meat; Timo Lehnert, founder of the German men's brand Organic Friends & Sports; German angel investor Jens Schumann; and the management firm MKO Holdings.

Government funding also came from the FFG Austrian Research Promotion Agency and the Vienna Business Agency.

The company is planning for international expansion and an increased product portfolio.

In early 2022, a tuna and smoked salmon spread will be released, while the release of sushi and sashimi products is planned later that year.

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