Swiss research university ETH Zurich is looking to produce shrimp from microalgae.

The researchers, Lukas Bocker and Severin Eder, aim to replicate the taste and nutritional value of real shrimp, and try to combine a certain type of microalgae with other plant-based protein sources such as soy and pea meal.

The mixture is extruded through a specialized nozzle to replicate the shape of prawns. However, the current version is described as "like jellified, salty gummy bears," according to an article in New Atlas.

The research duo is in the process of improving the flavor and texture and hopes to have a saleable product by the end of the year.

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Investments in alternative seafood products nearly doubled in 2021 over levels the year before, according to a new report from the nonprofit group Good Food Institute (GFI).

A total of $175 million (€162 million) was invested in companies producing or planning to produce seafood made from plant material, grown from cells or produced using a fermentation process. The investment reflects a 92 percent increase from the $91 million (€84.3 million) invested in the sector in 2020.