Skretting,one of the world's largest feed producers, released a new line called AquaCare that features a slew of aquaculture water improvement products as part of its plan to double down on sustainability.

“Before a fish or shrimp needs feed, it needs water," Skretting Global Product Manager Tonje Dueland said.

"Depending on the initial state of the water, improved water quality will not only enable farmers to achieve better animal welfare, but can also support them to improve results."

In diversifying away from just feed, Skretting's AquaCare team will eye long-term partnerships with companies already engaged in the fight for water quality improvement.

The feed giant is initially focusing on countries struggling with poor water quality, hence the choice to pilot the line in Egypt and Vietnam -- regions focused on producing tilapia and shrimp, respectively.

The first AquaCare product, Control, is a probiotic designed to work preventatively, loading water in pond farming systems with bacteria that prevent the same space from being loaded by potentially harmful bacteria.

The "good" bacteria can improve the water quality through ammonia, which is known to be lethal for fish at high concentrations, reducing the need for water exchange.

Organic material, feces, and small amounts of uneaten feed that would otherwise end up as sludge are consumed by the bacteria, giving faster preparation of ponds for the following cycle.