US-based seafood supplier Lusamerica Foods has hired Peter Adame, the former outreach manager for the Monterey Bay Seafood Watch program, as the company's new communications and sustainability manager.

“Our team has been talking about how we need someone to help build our brand and spearhead our sustainability initiatives for quite a while,” said Lusamerica’s CEO Fernando Frederico. “We have big plans to expand our local, sustainable seafood offerings from California’s central coast, and Peter’s a great fit to help us amplify this new initiative.”

“I’m really going to miss working at such an amazing organization like Seafood Watch,” said Adame, “but now I can drive more direct change in the seafood industry.

The Monterey Bay Aquarium has been closed for past seven months due to COVID-19 and was forced to cut over one-third of its staff, which included some layoffs from the Seafood Watch program.

Lusamerica distributes over 40 million pounds of seafood a year and has launched several sustainability initiatives over the years, including redesigning packaging to replace the heavily waxed cardboard boxes that are often not recyclable, the company said.

Lusamerica is a family-owned, woman-owned and minority-owned company. It operates plants in California and Washington that supply seafood to customers in the western United States.