Icelandic fishing giant Brim has signed a deal under which it will recycle all of the plastics it uses in its home country.

Under a working agreement with Pure North Recycling, plastics will be recycled rather than sent to landfill sites or for recycling overseas.

Pure North Recycling uses disposed plastic to make reusable plastic pallets.

It comes amid growing awareness in the industry of recycling techniques.

Chilean salmon producer Multiexport is joining plastic waste recycling firm Atando Cabos in an initiative to recover discarded rope around its seawater production sites.

Rope is processed into pellets and then other products, including plastic pallets used by the seafood industry to store and transport products.

In December, Brim, formerly HB Grandi, said its board of directors would examine several different proposals aimed at increasing the potential of non-Icelandic residents indirectly investing in the company, with a deadline for approval at the company's annual general meeting at the end of March 2020.