The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) is seeking bids for 388,500 cases of wild, frozen shrimp.

The bid announcement follows the agency stating it would purchase up to $36 million (€32.7 million) of Gulf of Mexico and south Atlantic wild-caught shrimp this year.

The request is part of a section 32 solicitation for use in the USDA's domestic food distribution programs. Deliveries are to be made between March 16 through June 30 to locations across the United States.

Last year Louisiana lawmaker Garret Graves said the purchases are part of the Funds for Strengthening Markets, Income, and Supply, part of the USDA's Section 32 program.

Last September the Southern Shrimp Alliance (SSA), a coalition of US Gulf of Mexico shrimp fishermen and processors joined other major seafood companies and industry to ask the USDA to play a bigger role in seafood.

The group on Sept. 25 signed onto a letter from Trident Seafoods, Pacific Seafood, National Fisheries Institute (NFI) and other major seafood businesses and organizations requesting the United States Congress to create a new office for seafood policy in the USDA.

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