A Danish startup has raised €1 million ($1 million) in fresh capital to tackle the shrimp industry's current challenges.

Sincere Aquaculture will use the money to fully develop and pilot its biomass insight technology.

"The future of shrimp farming needs to be backed by data," said Sincere co-founder and CEO Fridi Mellemgaard.

Shrimp farmers are currently experiencing numerous challenges, and some of the most critical are associated with a lack of data.

In addition, there is a need for advanced technologies to improve current practices. Harvest predictions, diseases, and feed management are just a few of the particularly significant hurdles the shrimp industry and farmers must overcome, said the company.

"Historically, the industry has always been tumultuous, and diseases and global pandemics have been critical industry challenges. And undoubtedly, various diseases will continue to serve as challenges," said Mellemgaard, adding that visibility of biomass will play a "huge role" in the sector.

The company's technology is embedded with AI and computer vision, allowing farmers to estimate total biomass and harvest times.