Homegrown Shrimp USA (HGS), a fully-owned subsidiary of Thailand's Charoen Pokphand Foods (CPF), and American Mariculture (AMI) have entered into an exclusive shrimp distribution agreement that will allow AMI to distribute HGS genetically selected shrimp stocks in markets around the world.

HGS, led by industry veteran Robins McIntosh, who has developed some of the fastest-growing shrimp stocks available today, has been working with AMI’s Robin Pearl to find new and better ways to distribute them.

“It has been frustrating to have some of the fastest growing stocks in the world, but unable to distribute them to the famers that need them most," said McIntosh. "Working with AMI finally gives us that opportunity and I am excited about the potential to see where we can take this.”

The stocks will be marketed by American Broodstock Corp, (ABC) a subsidiary of AMI, and will ship from its USDA export-certified facilities located in Florida.

Initially ABC will market several different lines suited to different conditions and demands:

  • Turbo Power, from HGS is designed for “super-fast growth” and reserved for those farmers able to provide optimum growing conditions.
  • Kong Power, also from HGS is a more balanced line, offering a combination of fast growth and resilience for farmers who can provide good growing conditions but have environmental challenges.
  • Fire Power, developed by AMI, is a “high survival” line and represents some of the best surviving shrimp for famers who operate in very tough environments, according to Pearl.
  • Dragon Power, also from AMI is a "disease resistant' line specifically for farmers operating in disease challenged areas.
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“For years AMI has been focusing its efforts on developing shrimp with high survival in challenging conditions," said Pearl, who Monday told IntraFish that hardier shrimp lines and better attention to pond monitoring could solve many of Asia's farming challenges.

"When a farmer asked for fast growth lines, we simply had nothing to offer. Now we can offer a full range from the fastest growing shrimp to the strongest surviving shrimp in the world,” said Pearl.