Shrimp industry experts speaking from home offices from Bangkok to Guayaquil recently shared their perspectives on what the global farmed shrimp industry will look like as the world emerges from the impacts of the COVID pandemic.

Speakers from Thai Union, Rabobank, Camanor Productos Marinhos, Ecuador's National Chamber of Aquaculture, VitaPro, Shrimp Insights and Delta Blue Aquaculture gave valuable insight at IntraFish's first digital forum of the year on everything from markets to land-based production, to tech, feed, vertical integration and investment.

Next Digital Event: Seafood Outlook 2021
Join us March 23 as we gather top executives from around the seafood sector to discuss what the coming year will bring as COVID begins to fade.

A quest for efficiency and structural change through consolidation, market diversification and better traceability were all identified as forces shaping the sector, but availability of quality broodstock, disease control and modernization present challenges, according to the experts.

Watch the full discussion below.