Ecuador's shrimp industry has signed a collaboration agreement with China's Yellow Sea Fisheries Research Institute.

The National Chamber of Aquaculture (CNA), the shrimp producers trade association, is partnering with the research institute to improve shrimp farming technology through implementation of biosecurity measures.

The development comes nine months after a group of Ecuadorian producers saw their products temporarily banned from the Chinese market over fears of white spot contamination before being allowed to continue shipments to the Asian nation.

Ecuadorian shrimp officials are not confirming whether the signing of the agreement resulted from the ban, although the research institute has gained worldwide recognition for its work to control white spot disease and infectious hypodermal and hematopoitec necrosis virus (IHHNV).

"This is a collaboration between Ecuador and China to improve the biosecurity of shrimp farming and processing establishments," CNA President Jose Antonio Camposano told IntraFish.

"It is part of a continuous improvement process focused on promoting the commercial relationship with our main market, China."

CNA said it is waiting for a visit to Ecuador by experts from the research institute to make their recommendations.


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